The Drunk Dumplins

Kurt Schindler a local born Cruzan and Adrian Rogers have been blending acoustic styles of ethnic and folk music since Adrian arrived on St. Croix in 2006. With an emphasis on Spanish guitar the  group called Los Drunk Dumplins. The  group takes some of Kurt Schindler’s original songs plus numerous other ethnic/folk styles and blends them into their own sound. Anything from reggae/flamenco/gypsy jazz to folk americana and bluegrass. Joined  by Jeff Gay on bass guitar and Salvi Fragosa on percussion and vocals.

They can fit anywhere from an ambient quiet restaurant to high energy venues if you feel like dancing. They are available for venue bookings and private events

Spanish Caribbean Fusion Band

Kurt Briggs Schindler: Lead and Backing Vocs, Lead Flamenco Guitar, Percussion.







Adrian Rogers: Lead and Backing Vocals, Spanish guitar, Percussion.

Jeff Gay : Bass Guitar

Salvi Fragosa: Congas, Cajon, Percussion, Backing Vocals