Kurt Briggs Schindler,  born and raised in St. Croix,  returned in 2001 after a long stay in northern California. While in the San Francisco Bay area he played in numerous groups including cultural rock band GRASS CHILD GYPSY and Latin Jazz group AKANTHOS.
GRASS CHILD GYPSY was his first major original band formed from a folk duo of himself and guitarist Brant Roscoe. This duo grew into a nexus of four including drummer Barry Forsythe and bass player Tommy Hill.

GRASS CHILD GYPSY released its first album In 1995′ self titled Grass Child Gypsy,  an acoustic, bluesy, cultural island mix.  In 1999’ they released their second studio album titled Evolution.
In 2001’ Kurt Briggs Schindler, his wife Janelle, son Sequoyah and
daughter Sky decided to return to his homeland in St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands and worked
on his first solo album, released  in 2002’. This album showed his new passion for flamenco guitar.

In 2002 Kurt also began performing as a soloist on the island of St. Croix playing originals and covers along with his new love   for flamenco guitar. Missing playing in a group and not finding the right members he started down the path of looping, which is technology that allows you to record your music (instruments) live and layer them to sound like a band. This first started off as just guitar layered underneath a solo and vocals but grew to include various instruments such as flute, bass, percussion, beat boxing (mouth percussion).

You can expect to have a great time at his shows with a multitude of people from all ages and ethnicities dancing and having a blast! Don’t miss this experience and the virtuoso. Kurt currently plays in the US Virgin Islands and goes on a summer tour in the United States every year.

“If you can’t play it around a campfire it’s not worth playing”