Kurt Briggs Schindler, Born and raised on the island of St. Croix, is a Carribean  singer-songwriter- performer who is considered a local musical icon. Known for his live looping, which is technology that allows you to record your instruments live and layer them to sound like a band. He creates his own unique style that draws from mostly reggae, soca, latin jazz, rock and flamenco in his compositions. Starting out in 1995 with the group Grass Child Gypsy, a Northen California jam band, he forged a distinctive songwriting and musical style that would be influenced from his Carribean childhood and years in Northern Cali. In 1998 he became interested in the music style Flamenco which is now a large underlying influence in his studio and live compositions. He currently lives and performs on the island of St. Croix but regularly tours the Carribean and considers himself an idependent artist outside of the music industry.

After the band Grass Child Gypsy disbanded in in 2000,   Schindler pursued a solo career upon his return to St. Croix. Missing playing in a group and not finding the right members he started down the path of looping his live music. This first started off as just guitar layered underneath a solo and vocals but grew to include various instruments such as flute, bass, percussion, beat boxing (mouth percussion). He likes an analog approach to his music and maintains no prerecorded sounds so you know what your listening to. This adds to an outstanding audio and visual display. He has been performing his amazing live loop show for over 15 years and was awarded best singer, entertainer in the U.S. Virgin Islands  in 2012 by the Daily News.

You can expect to have a great time at his shows with a multitude of people from all ages and ethnicities dancing and having a blast! Don’t miss this experience and the virtuoso.